Over the last few months I have seen a number of Facebook posts asking people in the various groups “how do I get into…” a range of historical periods.  This has included broad brush periods such as Bolt Action, Black Powder or Hail Caesar, and it has also included slightly more specific periods like Napoleonics, American Civil War or Republican Roman.

These are not simple questions to answer, as it obviously depends on the interests, enthusiasm and resources of you as an individual.  It also depends on your preferences for scale, materials and the size of force you want to put together.

The simplest and cheapest way of getting into a new period is to just pick up  a couple of boxes of plastic figures comprising opposing forces from your chosen period (e.g. a box of German Late War Grenadiers and a box of US Infantry for Bolt Action).

Bolt Action Mega Starter Pack

Our TKS Bolt Action Mega Starter Pack

Another great option available to those looking to start out in a new period are Starter Sets.  These come in many shapes and sizes from the manufacturers themselves, and often include loads of extras to get you going including figures, rules, terrain and guides on how to put together your units.

A third option is to plump for one of our more bespoke TKS Starter Sets – these are more for those looking to start out in a new period in a grander fashion and include a sizeable force for one or more sides in the conflict.  I will be adding more TKS Starter Sets in the coming weeks and months, some of which will include suitable figures from multiple manufacturers.

Of course you could also research your chosen period, draw up your own army list and start collecting your force, building gradually over time.  This is how many gamers started and continue to develop their forces.  But it doesn’t give you the buzz of a big-bang entry into a new period.

All our Starter Sets carry a minimum 10% discount on the RRP of the individual products!




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